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Fire in the hole!!!
A Physics experiment at SMCC in Southern Maine.


PHYS 110 

gets to play with

the trebuchet !

. . . after all,  if you can't have a little fun with this thang called "physics",

      what's the point?              

so . . . 

Welcome to the completely

UN-official, UN-authorized 

Website for:

PHYS - 110


ASTR- 100

There are several purposes and ideas behind this site, including:

  -  Recapping and augmenting discussions in lectures and 


   - "Heads-up" info on upcoming topics and labs

   - Supplementary self-study assignments

   - Links to other sites relevant to course

This site will be a constant "work in progress," and its content will change throughout the course as we move through various topics and assignments.


Hopefully, it will assist you in keeping your head in the game between lectures and labs.


And maybe, just maybe,

we'll help you discoveryour

"Inner Nerd":

         Your professor, demonstrating

"Phun with the Physics of Pheedback"